Multiple Alarms

Hi there.
I am looking to start an artists studio with 10 rooms that will be rented out individually.
Each room will need 1 keypad and 1 door contact sensor.
Is it possible to run 10 individually monitored alarms in one location?
And if so, can each room have a unique pin to disarm that each client can set and monitor?

Hey @Bobxbain. For your art studios, do they have their own physically address, or are they all under one address? Professional Monitoring can only be per address and location, so if they all have their own unique address, you could indeed get professional monitoring for each studio! This will require you to get 10 Base Station kits set up at each, all having their own Location in the Ring app, and all requiring their own Ring Protect Plus Plan for Professional Monitoring.

If your studios are all under the same address, you can have a Base Station kit set up for each studio, which would result in 10 Locations in your Ring app, but would have to have them Self Monitored. You could have it where the “office,” or main studio, if you have one, has the Base Station kit that is Professionally Monitored, but the rest will have to be self monitored if they are in the same physical address. Hope this helps clear it up for you!

Hi Chelsea,

Thanks for getting back to me.
The studios would all be under one address. The solution of having the 10 base stations as 10 locations in the app could potentially work.
Could the artists in each individual studio have access to just their alarms through the ring app, and could each base station have a different pin?
Or would I be the only one with access to the alarms through my ring app as the owner?

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Hi @Bobxbain, that’s great to hear that we have a solution in sight! If you end up with 10 Base Station kits so that you have enough for each studio, you will be able to manage all of them individually as the owner. As the owner, you’re allowed to add Shared Users and Guest Users. Shared Users get access to the app to arm and disarm the system and see the overall status. They cannot make any changes to the account, but it allows them to arm and disarm from the app or the keypad.

When you add a Shared User, they get their own pincode so that you can make it different from the master code you created for yourself! In comparison, a Guest User is the same as a Shared User, just minus the app part. Therefore, you will create a code for them to use to arm and disarm via the keypad. You can learn more about the different types of users in our Ring Help Cente Article here.