Muffled sound, ring door bell (new) gen2

I’ve installed my device as requested however the audio is very muffled, and nobody can understand what I’m saying to them.

I’ve tried rebooting the device, and the router is located approx 8m away. RSSI ranges being between 42 and 53 throughout the day.

I’m with virgin media with a download speed over wifi of 534 Mbps and upload of 103 Mbps with jitter running at 2ms .

I don’t appear to have any video issues.

The video above is from when I was setting up the device, and the ring doorbell was literally 1m away.

This video is of a recent delivery.

Any support would be welcomed.

Hi @user66872. I was able to find this Community post where another neighbor had a similar concern with their audio quality. There is a marked solution, with steps to try and what to do if those steps do not help.

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