Much needed Keypad features

Several much-needed keypad features (in my opinion) are:

1. Keypad Light: Green Charge light in the top left corner of keypad should be able to be dimmed or preferably turned off altogether. Currently, my workaround is very unprofessional looking at best. See attached pics.

2. Quick exit feature: ** ** The ability to push a button or combination of buttons on keypad or within the app that allows someone the ability to silently exit the home for 15, 30, 60 or even 90 seconds and then silently resumes arming/monitoring.

**3. Quick Enter feature: ** Similar to above except while using app you can quietly enter the home without waking/disturbing the whole house.

I am a surgeon that is required to come and go throughout the night when on call. Our prior Brinks system had these above-listed features which were critical with a house full of children and also relatives visiting. Since switching to Ring, my kids are getting woken up when I leave or come back home as well as my wife and visiting relatives. This could very quickly become a serious issue which may cause us to switch back. Please strongly consider these modifications as quickly as possible. Thank you.


I had Protection One and really miss the quick exit option. It was nice to press the asterisk button while my alarm was set to Home and be able to quickly go to the garage or outside to grab something within 60 seconds.

I agree 100% Quick Exit is a key missing feature. simply pressing and holding the “X” button on the keypad would be a great soltuion to allow entry/exit delay zones be used w/o tripping an alarm.

Amazon Ring is a game changer in the home alarm approach, but didn’t spend enough time identifying the prior incremental breakthroughs the legacy alarm companies made. Quick exit and specific audio notifications of which door or window is open (rather than a blind chime) are two of them. I hope they are paying attention to these boards.