Hi! I’m moving and will be taking my ring system with me. Where can I get the adhesive strips for my sensors?

Hey @Chiomagbai. The adhesive sticky tape that we use is going to be double sided Command 3M Tape. These tape bits are pre-cut for the Alarm Devices when they are first set up, but I’ve found that thenormal size work very well and are the same size as the device generally. If you want to make installation easier for the future (if you are to move again or need to rearrange the devices, reconnect them, bring near the Base Station), you can use the velcro version of the Command 3M Tape.

I personally like the velcro tape, as I move a lot from apartment to apartment over the years of my life, and it helps with taking down the devices, only to put them back up at another place. It makes taking down the device easy and more safe than a sticky piece of tape, and helps during times you may need to reconnect a device by bringing it near the Base Station (device offline, etc).


We moved to a new home and want to install our ring system but we need new adhesive pads for the door/window sensors.

Anyone know if Ring sells these directly or of a good 3rd party option?

We are replacing our windows. How do you remove the sensors from the windows in order to replace them again?

Hey @the3dstig. Ring does not directly sell these extra adhesive for the setup of the Alarm Devices, but the are the Command 3M Double Sided Sticky Tape. I personally recommend using the Velcro version of this brand as that it makes it easier to take the sensors and any other Alarm Devices down from their install location whenever you need to!

Hi @AngelaC! It does depend how you installed it, as you may have used the Doubled Sided Sticky Tape, or you may have used screws into the wall. The best trick when removing the sensors when mounted with screws is to go up and over when trying to take it out of the screw. For the adhesive setup, I recommend using a butter knife to help wedge in between the stinky tape and the wall, but it should be able to be peeled off. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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