Moving to new home , taking my ring, new home has ring

I will be currently moving into a new home and taking my system with me (keypad, motion detector, base, etc) w me. The home I’m moving into also has the ring and the seller is leaving it with the house. Is they’re a way to combine All the items to one account? To have a keypad at front and back door? All combined ? Simple task , difficult , or non existent? Any info helps thanks!

Hi @Mrace1017. Yes you can use their Ring Alarm components, aside from the Base Station, with your own Ring Alarm system. You’ll want to make sure the previous owner removes the devices from their Ring Alarm system and then removes the Base Station from their Ring account. If you aren’t able to add the different components to your system, you may need to factory reset them first. After they’ve been factory reset, you should be able to set them up with your system in the Ring App. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: