Moving to a new house and relocating my Floodlights

We just built a new house and I am taking my Ring Floodlights. I will be installing a new wireless network at the new house. Is there a reset for the Floodlights so I can get them on the new wifi? I can take the old router with me and connect up that way if I have to. The electricians didn’t really angle the lights or the camera the way I prefer so I have to get up there anyway if there’s a hard reset button that I have to press.

Thanks in advance!!

If you’re using the same router, it should reconnect without any issues. If you want a new router, just change the SSID and password on the new router to the same as the old one. I’ve done this many times since my house has almost 52 plus devices I’d have to reset. Happily, it worked and everything was fine within a day of use. Hope this helps.

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