Moving ring alarm contact sensors

Hello, I am moving and want to relocate my Ring Alarm contact sensors to the new home. What is the best way to go about physical removal of sensors from doors and windows, and reinstallation? Do I just need to pry them off? They seem very difficult to remove. Thank you in advance.

Hi @Raquel258! Your Alarm devices all feature a mounting bracket for easy installation and removal. The Contact and Motion Sensors should have a quick release/ sliding bracket piece for easy removal. This is, of course, if you used screws to mount.

If you’ve used double sided tape for the entirety of your installation, using a prying tool along with non-damaging adhesive remover solutions, and the utmost precaution, should help with physically removing your Alarm Sensors. Feel free to also check around the Community to see if other neighbors shared their solutions. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

In the installation I had to unstick and move the sensor slightly. It seemed to stick to the new location ok but I don’t want this to be a problem. Do I need to get new tape and reinstall it?

Hey @markconfer. Whenever reinstalling, I recommend to get new mounting tape for this. When I moved with my contact sensors, I got Command 3M Double Sided Sticky Tape, but I also got the Velcro version, as it makes taking down the sensors, if I ever need to, very easy. Now, for a move in the future, I will only need to buy half the amount of the same tape as I will just need to discard one of the Velcro sides. Hope this helps, neighbor! :slight_smile: