Moving Location - How to keep "Ring Protect Plus" Plan?

I currently have a ring alarm as well as a Ring Doorbell Pro, grandfathered into the “Ring Protect Plus” plan until 2025. I’m moving to a new location and plan to take all Ring devices with me.

How do I move and keep the Protect Plus plan at current pricing of $100/year? Switching to the ring protect Pro at $200 is not a feasible option if that is the only choice.

  1. Remove all the devices from your plan, except the base station, that you are leaving behind.
  2. Update the address in your account.
  3. Take the base station with you and purchase new sensors/devices and add those to your account.

Will I still be able to signup for the protect plus plan, or will obnoxious basic/pro plans be available at the new location?

Since you aren’t cancelling your Plan, just moving the base, it should go with you. This of course provided you are going to a location that Ring alarms are supported. As long as you stay within your country that should be the case.

Hi @Jaws. I want to clarify that you do not need to remove the devices from your account. You can update the address in your Ring app after you move, but do not cancel your plan or remove any devices from the Ring app. I would only recommend toggling your Professional Monitoring over to Self Monitoring until you’re moved into your new location with the address updated. This can be found under Settings > Monitoring in the Ring app.

We have a Community Post on moving your Ring Alarm here which may have some helpful tips on physically removing your devices from where they’re currently installed. I hope this information is helpful! :slight_smile:

I am also moving in the same scenario. I told the buyers they can have my system. I bought a new base station.

Can I switch my account over to the new base station?