Moving into a house with Ring Gen 1 fitted - advice?

Greetings all,

I will soon be moving into new premises. In those premises, the departing owner has installed what appears to be a Ring Gen 1 system. The house also has a Ring Gen 3 (edited, thought it was Gen 1 initially) doorbell camera fitted. Both are being included with the house as part of the sale.

I’m trying to find documentation on the Gen 1, but when I browse through to the page:

… it sends me to:

… and then the English version of the “Setup Instructions and Security Basics Guide” 404s. I can find things available in various European languages, and probably put them through Google Translate, but I’d prefer something in English.

I have a few questions about the system:

  • Is it still supported?
    … if so, has an EoL date been announced?
    … if not, when was the EoL?
    … is the system still serviceable?
  • What are the base components that should be included with a system?
    … I figure there should be at least a core panel/hub/base station, keypad, and some sensors
  • Are there instructions available on how to securely transfer ownership of a Ring Gen 1 system?
  • Where can I find information on plans?
    … I’ve noticed that a lot of Ring Security information isn’t available on the Australian website (I am based in Australia, as is the house).
    … Given the website says the below, what features would even be available? Presumably they were at some point?

These products are not currently available in Australia and New Zealand.

(Note: I’m not assuming any ill intent on anyone’s part - I just like to be across the technology I use, particularly if it’s integrated into my future house)

The Ring Alarm system is certainly still available for use and supported, however, Ring Alarm is not supported in Australia at this time. The Ring Alarm system is designed specifically for it’s intended region for use.

Thank you for sharing you experience with our Help Center, we will certainly pass this along to our teams here. :slight_smile:

Thank you, @Marley_Ring, for confirming the status of the Ring Alarm System in Australia - that is, Protect Plans are not presently available in Australia.

I have since moved into the premises, and been able to, part way, connect to both the Ring Gen 3 camera, and Ring Gen 1 security system, such that they now appear in the app on my mobile device.

I am unable to, however, reconnect all the remaining Ring Security System sensors. I have followed the instructions in the app (remove the battery, put it back in), have noted flashing lights etc… I have also checked the battery voltage (3V) with a multimeter. I also cannot seem to get the keypad to respond, no matter how much I power cycle it and hold “1”. Do I need to tap the pair button on the base station whilst reconnecting these devices that are already known to base station?

I note that the link to the Gen 1 manual on the support site is still broken. It used to generate a 404 error, and now it just returns a null document.

Is there somewhere I can find the sensor pairing procedure for the Gen 1 Security System given the support page doesn’t seem to have it anymore?

Hi @ADFHogan. This Help Center article here has information on how to troubleshoot your Ring Alarm Contact Sensor. These steps will allow you to connect your sensor. Let me know if this helps!

Thanks, @Tom_Ring , I’ll give that go.

In the interim, is there a copy of the English Gen 1 system manual somewhere?
Noticing that the link here (English one) still 404s:

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Hey @ADFHogan. Thanks for pointing this out! I’ll be sure to share this with my team so we can get this fixed for you ASAP.

Thanks, @Tom_Ring … The article helped!

In the end I had to:

  1. Reset the base station
  2. Remove all the devices from the base station

… then for each device …

  1. Factory reset each device (power on, hold the reset/tamper button
  2. Base Station → Advanced → Z Wave → Remove Z Wave Device to confirm pairing gone
  3. Add device back

Without the complete unpairing/wiping/forgetting, the system would keep telling me I needed to powercycle the various sensors and that they couldn’t be detected.

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Hey @ADFHogan. I’m glad this helped! I know the process can be tedious, but I’m happy to hear you got it all together.