Moving from 30 day trial to Basic Plan

Hi all

My free trial will end in 10 days. I’m pleased with the hard wired door bell and want ot keep my trial videos. A few have mentioned problems on going to a plan… i.e losing their recorded videos and getting their plan cancelled at the same time… They are not getting a refund (quickly) but I would not want a refund… I just want to transision into a paid plan…

Is there something I’m missing or need to know in advance… I don’t want the same scenario happening to me.

Help please.

Hi @Grazuncle. I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying your Ring Doorbell and the trial of your Ring Protect plan! If you want to continue your Ring Protect plan after the trial ends, you can subscribe to a plan now on Your trial period will continue until it ends, at which point you will be charged for your subscription. Saved videos will be deleted if you have a lapse in your Ring Protect plan, or once the Video Storage Time has ended.You can find steps on how to subscribe to a Ring Protect plan here. I hope that helps! :slight_smile: