Moving a ring Stickup Cam to a different Chime Pro

I have a house with 2 Chime Pro’s and 1 Video doorbell and 3 Stickup cams.
The 2nd Chime Pro was just added to the network, but the Patio Stickup Cam (Which is closer to the Rear Chime Pro) has not switched from the Front Chime Pro to the rear one.
How do I force the Patio camera to connect to the Rear Chime Pro instead of the Front Chime Pro in order to have a stronger connection?

When connecting your Chime Pro in the Ring app, you will have an option right from the Chime Pro page to select which Ring devices connect.

While logged into the Ring app, visit the Main Menu, select Devices, and choose your Chime Pro device. There, you’ll see a Chime Pro Network tile. Tap this tile to see and choose which Ring devices are connected.

Alternatively, you could also temporarily unplug one of the Chime Pro devices and ensure the intended Chime Pro can connect to the desired devices. The steps above should work best, however. :slight_smile: