Moved to new address, posted video shows old address

I recently moved to a new location. I updated the ring community to match my new camera (and everything anywhere to the new address). However, my video still shows my old address and now the random person who took a stroll through my driveway is all over the wrong community. I emailed support, communities, etc and no one responds.

Hello @mackhax0r,

Thank you for joining the Community to connect with your fellow neighbors. I just wanted to ask a few quick questions to better understand what is occurring for you.

  • When you are sharing videos are you sharing them from your Ring App or posting them directly through the Neighbors app?

  • When you are trying to post a new incident, does it show your old address at the bottom as the “Incident Location” or your new address?

I am sharing through the ring app and it doesn’t show the address. It shows the map at the wrong location and says it’s 14 miles away. I updated my address in every spot on the app before I posted so I don’t know why it’s using my old address.

Hi @mackhax0r, have you tried deleting and then re-downloading the app? If not, can you please try this and let me know if anything changes. Thank you!

Yep. Actually posted it from a different phone completely. Still says wrong address.

Hi @mackhax0r , thank you for this update. It would likely be best for you to call into support for someone to take a look at the account and see what might be occurring. Sorry for your frustration and thank you for your patience!

Having the same issue, is there a solution?