Moved house

How do you
a) set up your ring alarm system if you’ve moved house
b) remove an email of someone who is t living in the house

Hi @user55717. The owner of the Ring Alarm will need to change the address listed in the Ring app to reflect the new address. If the Ring Alarm system is set up under your Ring account, this means you are the owner of the Ring Alarm.

To change your address, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Menu > Settings > Change Address
  2. Update your address
  3. Tap Save

Then proceed with reconnecting your Ring Alarm Base Station to the wifi network. You might need to run through a new setup in the Ring app if you run into any issues with this. If any of your Ring Alarm components are not connecting to the Z-Wave network from the Base Station once it’s back online, you might need to factory reset the components and set them back up.

Lastly, you can also remove a Shared User under Menu > Settings > Shared Access by tapping on the user you need to remove and toggling off their Base Station access. You can also delete the user entirely by tapping on the red trash can icon, or the Remove User option.