Moved homes but don’t know what Ring bell goes with existing wire


I have just moved homes where the previous owners had a ring door bell. They have left the space outside where the bell was and there are wires in the hole. How do I know what ring will work and if it has been completely wired or hardwired?


@Rupi Did they have a Ring Doorbell which they took with them? You need to have a look how its installed. Is it back to a chime and then a transformer somewhere? If so it should work but you need to make sure the transformer is of sufficient voltage. If you aren’t sure its always better to call an electrician when messing about with electrics.



They did have a ring and then took it with them. I tried to see and look for a chime but nothing. I have attached some photos. The wires go into the wall and I can’t find the otherside to it.

Hopefully this helps at all.

@Rupi There might not be a chime as you dont need one for Ring. What you need is it to go back to a transformer. I suspect if the previous people had Ring then there is a transformer somewhere but it depends on what model of Ring you want to install which will dictate how much power you need. TO be honest if you dont know or cant find it then it is best to call an electrician.