Moved and need to change address for a security cam

I have two security cameras, one at my home, and one inside my mother’s apartment. She has recently moved and her address has changed, and I’d like to change the notification alert zone based on her address in the app for her device and within the Nearby Incidents map. I’ve checked the Device Settings / General Settings and it shows the correct city, but I’d really like to change the physical address. I currently do not have the Protect Plus, but I’d be more likely to if I knew someone could find her based on the correct address. She has dementia issues and she can’t remember her home address. Thanks in advance!

Hi @Hollybmp, in order to change the address for the security camera, please follow these steps:

  • Open the Ring app and toggle to the location that has your mother’s camera (you can do this by clicking on the location name above Dashboard from the main menu)
  • Once on the proper location, open the main menu again and click on Settings
  • Under Settings, tap Change Address (this can only be done from the owner’s login)
  • Proceed to confirm the right address and then the Nearby Incidents section of the Ring app will create a new location as well so she can view the Nearby Incidents for the correct address

Hope this helps! :smiley_cat:

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Thank you so much! This worked :smiley: I appreciate the quick and accurate reply.

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The instructions given must be out of date, because after I choose a camera from the dashboard, there is no way to access the main menu, and the “Settings” for the individual camera doesn’t have an option to change address. Please update the instructions!

Other posts seem to be out of date, because the app doesn’t match what’s described. I can’t even seem to change my address for my neighborhood info to be updated.

Hi @Gillissie, happy to chime in here. Are you trying to move the Camera from one location to another, or are you trying to update your address in the Ring App? If you’re trying to change your address in the Ring App, you can follow the steps listed in our Help Center Article here. This will change the address for all of your devices. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I could not find the accepted button. thank you for the help.Heidi