Move to Ring from SmartThings?

I have been doing extensive research to find a security system that works with SmartThings only to find it doesn’t really exist. Their ADT integration is severly lacking and was abandoned long ago in support and updating. The only suggestions I was seeing from other users was Ring and Abode for some level of integration into SmartThings. Thankfully, I’m not heavily invested into SmartThings yet. I basically have an Ecobee 3 Lite, a Kwikset Obsidian smart lock, and a Leviton switch that I want to integrate into whatever security system I buy. It looks like Ring is slowly expanding into home automation more. I see the Leviton switch I have is supported natively but I haven’t seen any info on the Ecobee 3 Lite or the Kwikset Obsidian. Will I be able to integrate these into Ring in some basic fashion or do I need to get a different lock or thermostat? Or should I get a SmartThings hub and then the Ring security system can have some basic integration with SmartThings? My basic goal being able to monitor home cameras when I get them and have sensors trigger an alarm siren, or have it turn on lights, etc. Ring looks more up to date and better supported so I’m beginning to think since I haven’t gone far down the road I should just switch to Ring and buy things going forward that integrate with the Ring ecosystem. Ideally I would like to still be able to use my lock from Kwikset that is Z-Wave+ enabled because installing and uninstalling that is a fair amount of work. Thanks for any and all info. Trying to get this system finally set up!