Mounting The Ring Wired Floodlight Cam PRO Under The Soffit/Eave

I bought the Ring Floodlight Cam Wired PRO model, and it needs to mount on the soffit/under the eave, not on the wall.

There is less than adequate info, either in the installation book, online, or after calling Ring Support (they didn’t even know what a soffit or eave was…sigh) on exactly how to do this, and get the camera angle right.

While the lights can swivel into a good position for lighting the target area, the camera cannot swing up enough and points down too low to cover the target area. I have searched Google, YouTube, Reddit, and all I find is some older instructions on how to hack the camera mounting for an older version of the Ring Wired Floodlight Cam PLUS, not the current version of the PRO.

Seems this is like a really major design flaw, and Ring is just ignoring the issue–has anyone got ideas on how to get the camera to move up a bit more, so it’s not pointing too low. Just FYI, I have 0 options on mounting it on the wall, due to house design in that area.


There are several things you can do. The easiest is getting a soffit mount -

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