Mounting stick up cam on side of house

I just received several 3rd generation stick up cams. For most cases the wall mounting or shelf placement is fine. But I want to mount one on the side of the house, and turn it 90 degrees (or close to it) to face the front of the house. The included mount does not have that flexibility. Amazon carries several third-party mounts but they appear quite flimsy. I saw that Ring has an optional mount and was even aluded to by a Ring community manager in another thread, but looking at it and the videos, it appears to have increased flexibility for downward facing applications, not left-to-right. I wouldn’t think that this is an unusual need. Would the optional mount work, or do I need to go to one of the cheaper ones and keep my fingers crossed?

I have the same requirement. Seems like a 3rd party mount will be needed.

The Ring Mount you are referring to is for the Spotlight model?