Mounting position 2nd generation

Would mounting the ringer onto the door itself pose any problems?
Failing that, could I mount the ringer onto glazing with the ‘no screw’ mount?
Ring says it cannot be mounted onto glass? I don’t know why though?

Hi @Getholdofgraeme. If you’re planning to use the No-Drill Mount for your Video Doorbell 2nd Gen, I’d recommend reviewing our Help Center article on it here, as it will cover all of the basic information on what is and is not recommended. It should not be mounted onto a glass surface as this is not sturdy and could potentially cause damage to the Doorbell if the glass were to break. You should be able to mount it directly onto the door as long as it is a secure surface and is installed according to the instructions provided. Ideally, you want to install it on a smooth and even surface, such as the wall next to your door. I hope that helps clear things up for you! :slight_smile: