Mounting point suggestions for outdoor camera please


I am planning on mounting an outdoor camera to monitor my garage entrance and driveway. This is our first home, I have not mounted a camera before. Could you please suggest a good mounting location? I thought of the following mounting locations (I will be installing only one camera). Please advise. Could you also please advise on if I can drill screws directly into the siding or do I need to apply any outdoor seal after installation?

Thanks in advance!!!

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We’re happy to help, @Umesh1! The best thing to consider first is how you would like to power your Camera. We have Camera models that operate by battery, plug, or high voltage wiring. For battery-powered devices, you will want to place where a solar panel will get maximum direct sunlight and is reachable for recharging the battery. For the plug-in powered Cameras, please ensure there is an outlet nearby the mounting location. The wired Camera models, such as a Floodlight Camera, require a wired junction box for installation.

Once you’ve decided this, mounting the Camera around 9 feet above the ground, will help for optimal motion detection. Here is a great Community Article by @Riley_Ring, that covers Camera placement and insight for several Camera models. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the photo! It really helps to understand your question. Personally, I would definitely go with the under eave location. Although the cameras are weather resistant, why expose it to UV sunlight, rain, snow, etc. unless you have to! You can hold it up there and play around with Live View to make sure that location will capture the area you want. Also, this location avoids you having to drill into siding which I would definitely avoid. If you ever move the camera, you will holes in that nice siding you have. What is the substrate in your soffit area? Is it perforated for ventilation or “solid”? Is it vinyl or other? You’ll want a solid substrate for the screws for sure. Report back!

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