Mounting Options For Battery Stick Up Cam 3

Hi. We have had a Ring Video Doorbell 2 for years and it’s great for me as I’m significantly disabled by a condition similar to MS.

I live in a 2 storey house and bought a battery Stick Up Cam 3 hoping to get a view down onto the driveway from my 2nd storey bedroom.

Unfortunately my disabilities prevent me from mounting as an able bodied person would so i need some sort of mounting bracket which will either mount on the end wall of the porch, extend out and face 180⁰ around looking out over the driveway (lettmost red circle in photo) or else somehow mount on the rail (like a gutter mount - rightmost red circle) or top of the glass balustrading (middle red circlework). I need to be able to easily reach the camera when the battery needs charging.

I cant get out to look at mounts in a hardware store etc and looking at pictures on the Ring store or Amazon for Wasserstein etc mounts doesn’t really help.

Assuming i can post my photo and people can work out what I’m talking about I’d greatly appreciate if someone could give suggestions as to how to make it work please.