Mounting on a recessed door frame

My door and home doorbell are recessed the thickness of the brick wall. How can I mount the doorbell 2nd gen over the doorbell hole and extend it out to the brick to get a good view of the porch?

Hey @Solagratia. Mind sharing a picture of where this Doorbell will go so we know more of what the setup will look like? This would help greatly to visualize what you’re working with! :slight_smile:

Well that would make sense to include some pictures now wouldn’t it.

Thank you for those pictures @Solagratia! Depending on where you are wanting to mount this (wood frame vs brick wall), there are a few options to accomplish this. As it looks like you are wanting to use the frame, I recommend first ensuring the dimensions of your Video Doorbell screw holes will match the surface area available on the frame.

You might find use out of our Wedge or Corner Kits, as this will give it a platform and allow the lens to reach beyond the brick. It looks like there may be stairs leading up to this area, in which the wedge would be the best option. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

The corner kit stacked with all three pieces stacked together almost does the trick. I made it stick out a little farther with some thin pieces of wood. I will probably make my own wedge & use longer screws instead of paying about 20 more dollars.

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Very creative, @Solagratia! Love seeing neighbors accomplish whats best for their environment, and in a cost effective way at that. Marking this as a solution so other neighbors can benefit in the future. Thanks for being an awesome neighbor! :slight_smile: