Mounting Issues with Existing Side Facing Doorbell


I have a wierd front door where there are panels with glass on each side of the door. The doorway also is set back from the front of the house which creates a tiny wall on each side of the doorway. The existing doorbell is on the little side wall at a 90% angle to the door (facing sideways instead of out from the door). To make matters even better, the landing for the doorway is raised off the ground about 2.5 feet. I coud really use some advice on how/where to physically mount my doorbell. Pictures attached. Please help.





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Ooh… that’s tricky.
Are you using the video bell 2? It comes with some angle plates. Did you try those? The shop also has other angles. I think you can combine multiple pieces.

Best would be to move it to the front trim parallel to the door. But I realize you may not want to do that.

I have same setup… did you resolve it somehow?