Mounting holes ring doorbell 3 vs doorbell 2 pro

I currently have a ring doorbell 3 mounted outside our front door. I am thinking of changing to a Ring doorbell 2 pro. Are the mounting holes the same for these 2 products, or do I need to drill new holes? Also, on my doorbell 3 I am using the wedge kit, can I re-use the wedge kit with the doorbell 2 pro?

Hi @StephenP. These two Doorbells feature different mounting applications and will not perfectly align. They will require device specific mounting brackets and accessories. I hope this information is helpful.

When I bought my Pro 2 model it came with a corner wedge and I’m sure I read that it has multiple mounting holes as such you can reuse the previously drilled holes if replacing a gen1 model

Hi @DSMdude. Correct. If you are upgrading from a Ring Pro to a Ring Pro 2, the mounting holes will align. But as the OP shared, they are upgrading from a Ring Doorbell 3, which will not align.

Thanks for the responses. I’m planning on going to the newer Pro 2 as the Doorbell 3 runs on a battery, and with the cold weather the battery is not recharging very well (it is hardwired).