Mounting doorbell 2 on doorbell 1 mounts

I have an original video doorbell with a mounting plate that has 4 screws, one in each corner to mount it. The new Pro 2 doorbell I just purchased has only two mounting screws in the middle. There does not seem to be an adapter plate that allows me to use the 4 original mounting screws to mount the new Pro 2 doorbell. The thing I see for sale called the “Adapter Plate” doesn’t appear to adapt anything, just cover up the old 4 screw holes, when I am forced to drill 2 new ones in my house. Does anyone know of an actual Adapter Plate that allows me to use the 4 original holes to hold my new Pro 2 doorbell without drilling new holes in my house?

Hi @tedlarson. The Retrofit Kit for the Video Doorbell Pro 2 allows you to properly install your new Doorbell Pro 2 while covering the holes from your previous Doorbell’s installation. There is no product or mounting kit you can buy that would change how the Doorbell Pro 2 is installed, or change the location of where you need to screw a hole to complete the installation.

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