Mounting Contact Sensors on Door Molding

I am installing the Ring Security Pro system this weekend, and the doors in my home all have Molding surrounding the door as shown in the attached photos. The 2nd Gen Contact Sensor does not have a flat surface to mount on except for the narrow portion of the door frame, which is too narrow to permit the Contact Sensor to be mounted without overlapping the door. Has anyone had this same problem, and how did you resolve it so the Contact Sensors can be mounted on the Molding, which is not flat? Thanks in advance for your help with this problem.

I placed mine on the biggest “ridge” that was close enough to the sensor on the door. It ended up being a little more than 1/2" away but it still registers correctly. So maybe the 2nd “ridge” in your picture might be a better spot?
Also, your sensor can be placed horizontal so if the top of the door and molding provides a better mount then you could try it there.

Thanks for the suggestion, but the same Molding is on 3-sides of the door, so the same issue exists for the top edge of the door. The Ring Tech suggested using a Router to notch the Molding to hold the sensor, which I do not want to do since the Contact Sensors have a finite lifetime and will need to be replaced in the future.

How about on the inside of the door? Not ideal, but might do. If this is an outside door you might be able to have it blend in so it isn’t noticeablee.

(Ring photo)

This configuration would be OUTSIDE on 3 doors, so the sensors would be easy to defeat.

I wish you good luck then!