Mounting bracket plate and round metal collar screws

After an incident, I decided it is time to order security cams. Looking around at the different ones, and hearing so much about Ring, placed an order for two of them-cost $400.00.

The directions are not so great, and couldn’t find a video that talks about the round metal collar and how those need to come off, in order to get the ball of the camera into mount it.
The screws in both cameras I received will not come out. They look stripped but they are just in so tight and the screwdriver will not get them out.

Not having fun setting up and installing these.

Had to call customer care, twice, as the first call got dropped. They are sending me new mounting brackets.

I am about ready to send both spotlight cams back and try another company. :frowning:
Reviewing this forum, seems like there are a ton of issues with all of Ring’s products- good sleek marketing, but are these just products??


I am having the same issue.Bought four cameras, cannot loosen the metal collar on the mounting bracket using the screwdriver provided by Ring.Were you able to fix this issue?

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Re: Mounting bracket plate and round metal collar screws

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Call customer care and tell them the issue and they will send a replacement- and ask for a new orange tool and extra screws too. I ended up returning one of the cameras, and purchased a stick up cam that sits looking out through a window, and they sent me a hardwire for that camera so I do not have the glare.

I am having the exact same problem ! This screw won’t come loose. How do I fit the ball into it?!

I just purchased the 2 pack of spotlight battery cameras and had the same issue. The provided screwdriver didn’t fit. After an hour of trying various tools I finally got the screws loose with a star shaped screwdriver. I’m very disappointed with Ring’s quality assurance.