Mounting Above Doorbell

I want to install a wired ring camera, to use with my existing doorbell, but my doorbell is between a section of fencing around the patio, and is not visible anywhere but directly above it/a few inches in front of it. Can I install the camera above the doorbell and still keep it wired? Our entryway is very wonky. I don’t know what is best. Would the battery powered one work?

Also looking to use the battery secondary/spotlight camera in a different location, with the alarm system. What is my best combination? How long do the batteries last before having to swap them out? How much data do you lose when the system is out of power?

Thank you!

Hey @4RunningWA. Could you take a picture of your front porch, where you plan to install the Doorbell and where the wiring could be coming out from? Having this visual will be better to give you the best recommendations! For the second camera, do you need the camera to have lights? If you need the additional lighting, the Spotlight Cam Battery is great for this, but if you don’t need the lights, the Stick Up Cam Battery is also great.

Battery devices’ life cycle between charges will depend on the amount of activity on the devices, but generally speaking, the batteries on battery operated devices last about 1-2 months before having to be charged/swapped with a freshly charged battery, and this is saying you have about 10 events a day. I recommend always having a charged up battery so you just have to swap them out, having no downtime. If you have to take the batteries down to charge them, they take about 8 hours to charge and therefore you would have about that long of downtime, as the cameras will fall offline, and when offline, they will not be able to record.

Here is where it would be going. I’ll post another photo in the next reply.
For the second camera, yes, it would need a light as it would be outside, on a dark side of the house.
When swapping batteries, do the cameras come right back up?

Those are the boards in the other photo, the doorbell is down in between them (not visible).

@4RunningWA Thank you so much for those pictures! You will definitely need to mount the Doorbell above where the existing wires are, and if possible, cut a new hole to run those wires through. You may need to call an electrician if the wires are not long enough, but you will definitely need to create a new hole to run them up to place above this area. I recommend getting this done in an area that are about 4 feet off the ground for this, as that is the optimal height for the Doorbells!

For the other Ring camera you will need, I definitely recommend the Spotlight Cam battery. This allows for two batteries to be in the device, and that way you only need to take out one battery at a time when one gets low, leaving you with no downtime in between charging of the battery! Otherwise, if you take both out, it should indeed come back up and online once power is restored. :slight_smile: