Mount for Stick Up Cam - Battery Cover has no Security Screw Holes

I bought the Mount for the Stick up cam so I could mount it on the soffit by my garage with the mount for the cam above like a “ceiling mount”. The instructions are pretty terrible. There is a bag included with the Mount Kit that says “Battery Cover Security Screws” with a little picture on the bag that shows the table mount off the battery cover and the screw that presumably would go through the battery cover into the security screw hole on the battery.

The problem is the battery cover that came with the Stick Up Cam came with no security screw hole that goes into the battery and the Mount kit was sealed so I assume no missing parts but was their supposed to be a replacment Battery Cover?

Do I have the wrong battery cover or should I just ignore the battery cover security screws that came with the mount kit. This part is very confusing.

Attaching picture of the battery cover that came with the cam as well as the “Battery Cover Security Screws” that came with the Mount Kit.

Hey @bobbyk. Thanks for detailing your experience here and giving us that picture to reference, helps clear up your situation a lot! This is for the Stick Up Cam Battery, that is our 3rd Generation, correct? It looks like it from the pictures and the description, but I of course want to make sure.

If it is indeed this device, you will not need to worry about the additional screws provided, as the security screw that is used it is already installed, from the looks of the picture. These will be extra and different screws that you would use if you were installing this on a table top or flat surface, as it locks the base onto the battery compartment, which is needed for situations where someone may be able to pick up the device from the table and take the battery out. This screw would prevent that, and would be swapped after taking the one already in there, out.

Although, since you are installing this on the eave, you can store these away in case you need them for future, and not worry about them for now. Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns on this! :slight_smile: