Mount and battery for Ring Video Doorbell 3 and 3 Plus compared to Ring Video Doorbell 2

Hi. Would just go to the store and check but with our Stay at Home Order than is currently not possible. So figured I’d ask here. I have the Ring Video Doorbell 2. I am considering the Ring Video Doorbell 3 or Video 3 Plus. My quesitons, are the mounts the same? In other works, can I remove the Ring 2 and just screw on the ring 3/3Plus? Also, are the batteries the same on the 2 and the 3?3 Plus? Thinking about the 3s as I have an Orbi and had to set up an extender to connect to the Ring 2 only at 2.4. The Orbi ability to switch between 2.4 and 5 GHz seemed to confuse the Ring 2. The 3s use the 5GHz band so hoping can by pass the extender. Believe the douter is close enough to the doorbell. Thanks in advance! Be safe.

Will ring 3 fit ring 2 wall bracket

Hi @MiketheD. Great question! So while the plates are not the same, we include what we call an “Adapter Plate” in the box of the Ring Video Doorbell 3 that helps you convert from the 2 to the 3. This would be a great upgrade for you, as the Doorbell 3 will be able to keep up with your mesh system that has the dual switching of networks! :slight_smile:

Thanks! With the adapter plate sounds like it would not take long at all to replace the 2 with the 3 plus. Thanks for the quick reply.


About the battery is the same pack doorbell2 and doorbell3?

Hey @1alcotrinos. The battery pack for the Doorbell 2 and the Doorbell 3 are indeed the same and can be used for either device. :slight_smile:

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Just an update. Bought the ring Video Doorbell 3+. Very happy with the performance. Connects much more quickly that the 2. But as an added bonus, we did ot receive nor need an adapter plate in the package. The 3+ fit very nicely and screwed right into the existing wall bracket.

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Glad to hear this, @MiketheD ! Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any other questions or cocnerns :slight_smile: