Mount a floodlight/camera above a garage (8 feet above the ground).

Are you developing a floodlight/security camera that can easily be mounted horizontally on a soffit above a garage (8ft) without having to use an internet hack? I asked about this a year ago and the impression I got was it was being considered. You could have a lot more customers if you’d design one like this. Not everyone can mount one vertically outside a garage without undertaking a major electrical project. One of your online responses here mentions 9 feet is optimum, but a lot of homeowners have only 8ft to work with. I really don’t want to have to resort to an internet hack that involves altering the floodlight/camera in such a way that would void the warranty. Thank you.

Hey @wxmanrocks. While we do recommend 9 ft for the installation height, you can mount is lower if you need it to. We do not recommend to have it mounted much different than the 9 ft estimate, but you can do so as needed, the Floodlight Cam just may lose some distance that it can see out when installed lower, but not much so that you don’t miss out on too much of what the device can cover.

When it comes to mounting the device horizontally, you will still be unable to do this at this time, as the bulb on the bottom of the Floodlight Cam needs to be parallel to the ground for motion detection. If you turn it so that the bulb is on the side, the motion detection may not work at all. I will make sure to pass on your feedback to the appropriate teams on your desire for this, but we do not have planned to make a device that can work like this in the future, at this time.