Motorola and Ring

Has anyone had a problem with Ring and a Motorola mobile ? My phone works OK with Ring (apart from the usual latency issue) but then notifications gradually stop. Examination of the phone shows that the app notification settings change for no reason. I then have to re-install Ring to get it working again. This has to be done every month or so !

Hi @Ppanther. Thanks for letting us know what you’ve done so far and how that’s helped with your concern. Typically removing the Ring App, restarting your phone, and reinstalling the Ring App is what we would recommend for notification concerns like you’re experiencing. Since you’ve done that, I’d recommend checking to ensure you don’t have any Android Apps that conflict with the Ring App, such as the ones listed here. Let me know if that helps with this concern! :slight_smile:

Trouble is, I have to re-install the app every couple of weeks !

I checked all the Apps in your list and none of them are installed on my phone. So I’ve now gone through all installed Apps and deleted those not essential. Unfortunately I deleted the Gboard App as part of the exercise but managed to get it back.

Let’s hope there’s some improvement !