Motion Zones

I am trying to set my motion zones for my outdoor camara.
What we see from our camara live the frame is bigger and when I try to set the zone the frame is smaller on the camara so not ideal.
How do I make the frame bigger so we are getting alerts when movement is detected?
Hope that makes sense.

Hi @user56855. You can’t extend the Motion Zones to the full area of your Live View because the area your camera covers is slightly larger than the area your motion sensors cover. The view you see when editing your Motion Zones is the view that the motion sensors cover and the area that motion can be detected within.

Ring appear to have changed the specification of Stick Up cams (using a firmware update). This has resulted in reduced ‘capability’ and a device that is not the same spec as when I originally purchased it. Ring seem happy to allow community members to continually report the issue and then choose to do nothing about it (this has been ongoing for at least 2 years now). absolutely disgraceful.

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