Motion Zones??

I don’t get the point in having 3 motion zones - It doesn’t seem like you can do anything with them independent of each other so what is the point? Also the area that I can set up the motion zones in is smaller than the actual viewing area of the camera… Which is frustrating – as I would like to see the motion in the top 20% of camera area where the road and sidewalk and my mailbox is but I can not do that as the Motion Zone setup area does not include that. I called Customer support and they are implying that this is a problem only with the battery cameras not the wired. I don’t get it - why aren’t they the same…??

Hi @criewe99. This Community article here will explain a lot of the features in the Customizable Motion Zones. The top portion of the screen is not available because the Cameras field of view is larger than the Motion Detectors field of view. This has always been the case, but now the drawable Motion Zones reflect this. I hope this information helps.