Motion Zones on Floodlight Cam No Longer As Configurable

I am not sure when the change took place but I am very dissatisfied with the fact that configuring the motion zones on the Ring floodlight cam are not as customizable as before. You can no longer drag the little dots close together. I used to keep just a sliver of a zone at the threshold of my driveway to detect motion coming into and out of the driveway. IF I select the entire driveway (which is my ONLY option now) I receive motion alerts for every headlight that drives by at night. I live at at ‘T’ intersection and it pretty much makes the motion detection not even worth looking at. PLEASE allow the user to adjust the little dots as close to or as far away from each other as they choose. This ‘upgrade’ was a complete downgrade in my opinion.

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Hi @Kk78. You should still have the ability to customize the motion zones for your Floodlight Cam. Can you share a screenshot of what you see under Motion Settings? I would also check and make sure that your Ring app is up to date, as running on an older version of the app can cause issues. This Community Post here also has great information on the Customizable Motion Zones. I hope this helps!