Motion zones not working

I have set a couple of motion zones to try to prevent getting notifications when cars drive past our house. The motion zones just cover our path and driveway, yet it isn’t working. Every time someone drives past, we still get an alert. What am I doing wrong!?!

Hi @HenryMac2016. You may need to adjust the angle of your Doorbell to help prevent it from capturing cars driving past. You can find Corner Kits and Wedge Kits for your particular Doorbell model on our website here. Your Doorbell’s model should be listed on the Device Health page in the Ring App. The Corner Kit will allow you to adjust your Doorbell’s angle to the side if needed, but I think you would benefit from a Wedge Kit. The Wedge Kit can help you angle your Doorbell’s view downwards slightly so it has less of the street in its field of view. :slight_smile: