Motion Zones Not Working

I have set my geo fence as you can see in the image so it finished before my lawn ends. The camera is still picking up passing cars??

Can anybody help

Hi @RabMeercat. Were you referring to the Geofence settings, or your Motion Zones? Based on the screenshot you attached, it looks like the Motion Zones. Have you tried adjusting the Motion Zones themselves any further, or even adjusting the angle of the Camera? Adjusting the Camera’s angle so that it captures less of the street may help with fine-tuning the motion detection. :slight_smile:

I have this same issue. All of my cameras have motions zones setup, and I get notifications for motion from the entire view. It’s as if the motion zones don’t work at all.

I have called support and they are no help at all. They only want me to reset my cameras over and over and over. This is obviously a software issue since it affects all of my cameras.

same here they don’t respond :frowning:

I just installed a ring pro, having same issue. created a zone and its as if it does not work, i get notifications of ppl walking down the sidewalk :frowning: