Motion Zones Not Working

I have Ring Doorbell, Ring Floodlights and Ring Camera, can’t get Motion Zones to work correctly. I’ve had this problem for several years now and I keep coming back here for a solution, but there are none. When trying to setup a zone the dots to move will not budge, some will start up to move then suddenly stop and will not move again. I have tried this on two different iPhones, two different iPads and on a PC-Windows 10. This is such an Intricate part of the software why can’t Amazon fix this?

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Hi @gwoodle. There is no known issues with moving the dots for motion zones. Can you share a video of you performing this process? This will give us better insight into the issue you are having. Thanks, neighbor.

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I’m surprised that Tom_Ring stated “There is no known issues with moving the dots for motion zones”.

As you may have noticed, you are obviously not the first Ring Community member to mention this problem. Unfortunately, reports of Motion Zone problems are spread across various threads, instead of occurring within a single thread.

Actually, at this point, there are at least two (very annoying) Motion Zone problems that I am aware of:

  • It’s impossible to configure a Motion Zone in the shape/size you wish (due to problems with moving dots).
  • If you create a Motion Zone, Ring totally ignores it – resulting in the creation of many unwanted video clips.

I am running the latest version of the both the Ring app and iPadOS operating system. After seeing your post, I confirmed that both of the problems that I mentioned still exist.

It’s frustrating that Ring keeps breaking features that worked previously. It’s even more frustrating that Ring often fails to fix important bugs in a timely manner.


Correct and to this day it’s still not fixed. So frustrating when I’m paying for this application and it is still broken

Hi neighbors. If you have the latest version of the Ring app and you are not able to adjust your Motion Zones, please reach out to our support team to further investigate this concern. Give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. You can also reach out to our support on Facebook by sending a PM to @Ring.

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