motion zone

Motion Zones isn’t an option that shows up on my Ring App or on the desktop.

Hey @jmercury. This will not be available to manage on the Windows or Mac app, as well as and will have to be done from the Ring mobile app on iOS or Android. Are you able to access the app from here? Once in the mobile app, you’ll go into the Main Menu > Devices > Device in question > Motion Settings > And you should have an option for Motion Zones there.

Thanks for the reply. I don’t see this pop up on my phone app either. I wonder if it has to do with that my landlord is the primary account holder. Since the account is shared with me and my roommates, I wonder if this is the issue.

@jmercury Thank you for that added detail and that is exactly why! Motion Zone changes and other setting changes for the device can only be done from the owner’s account and Ring app, not the shared user side. That clears it up for us! :slight_smile: