Motion zone snap shot zoomed in

I have gen 1 solar ring cameras and recently discovered the snap shot for setting my zones is zoomed in. This was not the case before. Now i am missing activity around my house.
Is there a fix for this?

Hi @JJinGG. I was able to find this Community post where other neighbors had a similar concern. There is a marked solution to the post.

Just noticed this on all of my Stick Up cams. Looking at previous posts from people reporting the same issue it appears that the people on this forum who supposedly ‘represent’ Ring say that this is an ‘Intended’ feature. What absolute NONSENSE. Ring have introduced a ‘change’ as this WAS NOT the case when I first purchased and installed the cameras . Ring seem happy to allow community members to continually report the issue and then choose to do simply nothing about it (other than ignore the complaints and then wait for 30 days of inactivity before closing the post). absolutely disgraceful way to treat people that have purchased a Ring product.

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