Motion Zone range

If I remember correctly , before the new boxed zones were introduced, my stick up camera had a longer sensor range. I live on a busy street so I had to angle my cam so that it would not pick up cars passing my driveway which caused a lot of alerts and video. So I angled the camera to show only the driveway (slightly longer than a car) and the sidewalk. Which eliminated the excessive car vid’s. So I know the sensor ability is there . And as it is now , the covered area is very minimal. It only covers from the back of the car up to the sunroof. Which does not cover the front doors. I will send you two screen snapshots. First one is of the adjustment screen. The second is of the area it covers. As you can see , it’s a very small area to not be able to completely cover

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Hi @rawmacias. I apologize, but I’m unable to see any screenshot attachments. Could you possibly try to upload them again? Additionally, we have a great Community Article that could help you in optimizing your Custom Motion Zones. :smiley:

I am having the same issue as rawmacias, when i bought my cameras they gave me the same view the camera catchess to edit motion zones, now that image is reduced in that option which is not acceptable and the view is no covering enough to edit the motion zone, this matter needs to be resolved ASAP.

I’m having the same issue. Just talked to Ring and they said it was designed that way, but they are going to contact the developers to see if they can get it changed. I’ve attached my screenshots to show what happens. When I go to motion settings it shows the area my camera is seeing in a vertical view but when I tap on edit motion zones the view changes to horizontal and I can’t add the top section to view.

Here’s the motion zone settings view.

Sorry for the delay .

Hi there, neighbors! As mentioned in our Community article by Riley, motion zones can not be extended to the full area of your Live View when creating these zones. This is because the area your camera covers is slightly larger than the area your motion sensors cover.

As we always value our neighbors feedback, consider these experiences shared with our teams here. Feel free to also make any related requests on our Feature Request Board. :slight_smile: