Motion zone for lights picking up public path movements

Hi, I recently installed a Ring Spotlight Cam (wired). The detecion area for the camera is working perfectly. However, for the Spotlight it is picking up movement on the public path at night time. Per Image3 attached, I have set the light motion zone to a very small area, yet it still picks up movement.

I have read that the angle of the camera can make a difference to the light detection area. Image2 is a view from the camera, with the public path marked with a red X. When I installed the camera, I tilted it slightly downwards and to the right, as I wanted to be able to get a view of the front door area and step. I have mounted the camera at 10 foot, which I know is slightly higher than the recommended 9 foot.

Any suggestions for how I can set the light detection area, so it does not pick up public path movements, while at the same time affording a camera view of the step area, in front of the hall door?

Hey @kenman. When the lights come on from movement in that red X area, do you also have a motion recording for this event, or just the lights come on? You may be able to tilt the camera more downward and to the right to avoid this area on the pathway, so feel free to also give this a try and let me know if this helps! In addition, please let me know what you have your Motion Zones set to for the Motion Settings. A screenshot would be most helpful here. :slight_smile:

Hi Chelsea

Thanks for your response.

When the lights come on, there is a camera recording also.

Is it normal for the camera to also record whenever the lights come on?

Or can there be cases of lights on with no recording?

Attached is image of the camera motion zone.



I did a search for “Light” for something else and this did come up. It may answer your question.

@kenman Thank you so much for that picture! For the lights coming on, it’s possible that if motion is detected from the PIR sensor on the device and in the zone you have made for the Lights, that the lights can come on without the camera being triggered. For example, this is what the FOV looks like for the camera versus the sensor:

Most neighbors do not have this concern though, so it makes sense that you have the lights coming on whenever motion is detected! You can try adjusting your Motion Zones so that they are 3 different zones instead of one big zone, as multiple zones instead of one generally helps with the motion detection overall. If you’re still having concerns with how it is after breaking it up into 3 zones, I would recommend changing the viewing angle of the device to point further away from your pathway. Let me know how this goes! :slight_smile:

As far as I can tell, the “Motion Zones for Lights” setting does nothing. I have this set all the way down with my Spotlight Cam Mounted, and yet the lights still turn on every single time motion is detected. I would prefer it if the light only came on when people were in my yard, not also across the street, but I cannot seem to configure this.

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Amazon and Ring did a horrible update to floodlight devices in October 2021 that ruined the light settings working correctly as advertised.
Now anytime the separate camera sensor senses motion in your motion zones, the lights will come on every single time no matter how far away the motion is including headlights and flying insects now.
Now, after October 2021 horrible update, setting your separate light settings on minimal distance so the lights only come on when someone gets close to the device does not work anymore and has not worked correctly since October 2021.
It also now ignores light durations in light settings, staying on for the whole recording.
The flood light used to work perfect with the lights only going on when someone got close to it.
Absolutely disgusted with ring and Amazon changing the device I paid for.
Search the thread,
“All of a sudden my flood light lights are sensitive”