Motion Zone for Lights Distance Slider has no effect

I’ve been trying to reduce the size of the motion zone for lights with the slider and it doesnot seem to hav an effect. I’ve tried with the slider at min and max and the lights always come on as soon as I walk into the path. Help???

Hey @Rivet2000. What does the area under your Floodlight Cam look like? With a picture to see the surrounding area, it should give us a better idea on what changes you should make on your settings! If you can also describe where you are trying to be in front of the Camera for it to pick you up, this would help greatly too. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply. Attached are two screen scots. One is the the Ring Spotlight Cam Mount and the other is a screen shot of the “Motions Zone for Lights” for that cam. Basicalli Want the light to turn on when someone is on the driveway area under the cam, but not when someone is on the sidewalk or a car on the street.

Thanks in advance for your help…

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Fixed. Cam was slanted in a way that spread out the detection area. All good now

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