Motion Zone Editing is obtuse and doesn’t work

It’s almost impossible to actually select an area with how terrible the dots are. They snap and never really follow the finger. Even with and Apple pen they behave the same way. It’s so unintuitive, this insistence in using 8 dots when 4 dots would have been fine in MOST cases. It’s so frustrating!

I’ve looked in the community and found MULTIPLE posts about this with, some that were even closed down by moderators. People from Ring insisting with the same copy/paste answer that “they can do it on their end just fine” so we just need to update the app or delete the zone. It’s ridiculous! I regret buying this thing right now. There has to be a solution for this. All these people complaining and these over paid developers can’t fix something that would take 10 minutes for an undergrad freshman in computer science?!