Motion zone editing is bad

Trying to grab those little dots to edit zones is 1% successful. I have to try 100 times to get it to move. Then popups from the app keep blocking the screen. I cant seem to find a way to edit zones on a web browser using my mouse which would be a lot easier.

Hi @Crs033. The dots for the Motion Zones can be small and difficult to maneuver. A great option is to use a tablet to adjust these settings! Tablets like an iPad are much bigger than a phone screen and can be easier for making small adjustments. I hope this helps!

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I would love to have a solution for this, I am using an iPad 5th generation (newest generation) and this same problem was happening on my older iPad. When setting up zones, or when trying to adjust the zone I can’t get the dots to move, I try over and over again and after trying dozens of times I give up and leave it as is. I have tried deleting the zone and starting over to just repeat the same problem.