Motion Zone Distance Decreased

I’ve noticed that the motion zone settings will no longer let you set a far off distance. Is there a reason or a fix for this? It used to go all the way out to where my truck is. I need more than just close up notifications.

I think the view shown isn’t a true view, I believe if you hit continue and then set it to max it’ll be up to 30 meters. It won’t show you a phisical diagram of the area. This crazy and needs to be changed.

Hey neighbors! The change that you are seeing in the app is a change made to how the app looks, but changing the settings will still change your device sensitivity accordingly. Having it at MAX in the Min-Max slider on the second step (after the screenshot you showed) will have the device be very sensitive and see out as far as it can (around and up to about 30 feet). Setting it to MIN or closer to this will help see things closer to the device. It’s best to play with these settings until you find the sweet spot, but this is just a visual change in the app. You may still see the Live View and adjustable slider as it once was on the Ring Video Doorbell 2, but how you see it now is how it should be. Hope this helps clear it up for you all! I will make sure to pass on this feedback to the appropriate teams as well. :slight_smile:

How can you find the sweet spot when there’s a delay in when it senses motion to when you get a notification and the delay isn’t consistent?

The UI for the motion zones is horrible. A neighbors car was broken into last night and had I been able to set up the zones visually on the app like you used to be able to I’d have probably had some video to share with her. Ring should really consider the old way which was actually useful.

So this was too useful I guess to keep it?

I have had and still have the motion zone setting on my Ring doorbell in the app settings. I just installed a Stick up Cam and find that the motion zone setting is not there in the settings for the Stick up Cam. There is a motion zone setting but as others have stated it does not cover the distace for motion detection like the doorbell does. If this can’t be fixed I really don’t have a need for the Stick up cam as the motion detection zone is only covering out abot 13 feet which does me no good. When I view the camera live I can see much further that the highlighted area in the screenshot motion detection zone.

As you can see in the Front door pic which is a Ring doorbell it has the shaded blue area which enables me to extend the motion detection area to ny entire view or shrink it down to a smaller area to cut down on unwanted detection. This setting is much needed or it really decreases the use of the protuct. Please fix this!

Hey @Beebahur. Do you have the Ring Video Doorbell Pro and the Stick Up Cam Battery or Plugin? If so, the motion detection on these devices are different, as one is a battery operated device and one is a hardwired device. Therefore, our hardwired and powered devices like the ones here will have the Customizable Motion Zones like your Pro does, and the battery operated devices will have Adjustable Motion Zones like the Stick Up Cam Battery and Plugin have, as they are the 3rd Generation Stick Up Cams.