Motion Wwarning message for UK customers

When are you going to release the Motion Warning feature for UK customers (seen videos showing this option from Nov '21 and we are now in May '22 and still nothing for UK).

Really annoying when you release new ideas and only available for US customers or perhaps you do not like UK customers for some unknown reason.

After all I assume it is only a recorded message, if so then how difficult would it be to make it available to UK customers ?

UK pay for your products same as USA customers but you are treating us as stupid

We are just fellow users here and no one has any inside information on what Ring does.
If/When they bring the feature to the UK there will be a general announcement that all will see.

You can also leave your feature suggestion here ( Latest Products/Feature Request Board topics - Ring Community) where folks can vote on it and if it receives enough votes Ring DEVs might consider it.

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