Motion warning

I had older flood lights wired motion warning was working great. Just replaced my older floods with newer flood cam it’s telling me motion warning not available on this device. REALLY!. I have 4 sets of flood cams wired around house everything is working great but will not work on new floods just installed. This makes absolutely no sense. When will it be available to all devices.

Hi there, @Birdie! The Motion Warning feature should be available to you. This Help Center article shows the compatible devices (Floodlight Cams) and tips on using Motion Warning.

The above article also mentions that this feature is for the US region only, and that the feature is being rolled out incrementally for eligible devices. If you still don’t see the feature, make sure you have the most current version of the Ring app.

If your device is not eligible for the Motion Warning feature, the toggle button will be gray and you will not be able to enable it. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I just updated my app to version 5.44 and I am still not seeing the Motion Warning option visible. When should I be able to use it?

Can you please allow a way for users to be able to
set the MOTION WARNING on cameras to only
come on in certain modes as well as the ability to
adjust the volume?

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