Motion Warning On/Off Doesn't Do Anything. It Keeps Notifying

When I got a new cell phone recently, my Ring doorbell keeps notifying people they’re being recorded. I’ve search the internet for help and can only find toggling on and off the motion warning. Either on or off the doorbell keeps notifying people. How can I make it stop?

Hi @b_ri_123. Toggling the Motion Warning setting off should prevent it from playing the Motion Warning sound when motion is detected. Try performing a quick reboot using the reboot option from the Device Health page. This should fix whatever is causing the Motion Warning to still play. If that doesn’t do the trick, our support team can assist with further troubleshooting options.

After turning it off and leaving that page or pressing save if there is one, go and try pressing the button on the doorbell as if you rang your own doorbell. See if that will save your new setting in the doorbell and try the motion in view once again to see if it will still warn the neighbors that they are recorded.
I am in no way affiliated with ring or its customer service however i am just another ring customer at this time.
Good luck to u, hope u do well!

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