Motion warning, no toggle in mode settings

No motion warning toggle in mode settings. Had to turn it on evey time i changed modes. Removed app and re-installed now motion warning stays on have to turn of every time i change modes. Wont stay on for armed and off for Disarmed

From the website I found this. I can’t do step 8. Motion Detection is a toggle and have no Motion Warning toggle.

How to link Motion Warning with modes**
To set Motion Warning to turn on or off automatically when your Ring devices are in Home, Away or Disarmed mode:

1.Open the Ring app.
2.Tap the menu (☰).
3.Tap Devices.
4.Tap the device you want to configure.
Make sure you have enabled .Motion Warning for this device.
5.Tap Modes Settings
6.Select the Mode you want to link with Motion Warning.
7.Tap your device again.
8.Under Motion Detection, toggle Motion Warning on or off as desired.
9.Repeat this process for at least one more of the modes so that Motion Warning is toggled on for at least one mode and is toggled off for at least one mode.

Hi @user61487 That is a great workaround you have discovered. I hope it helps other neighbors when they run into this concern. This concern was also brought up in this Community post. As Tom mentioned in the post, this is being looked into by our team. I recommend adding any further comments regarding this concern to that post.

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